Friday, October 2, 2009


I should rename this blog "The Update Blog." Oy!

Sam's 6th birthday party was last Saturday at the pool, which was a blast. We joked that it was the J party. He invited his buddies from preschool: Jason, Jacob, Jocelyn, Jonah and Joshua (plus the odd boys out, Adam & Alex). The kids all had lots of fun in the water (last year it seemed that no one was comfortable enough in the water but Jason which was a bit of a bummer for the other kids), but this year everyone was all over the place. We need to do thank you notes this weekend - Legos, Bakugans, K'Nex and "Lil' Squirts markers" - terrific presents for this little guy!

We did some fun crafting this week, while enjoying a respite from the brisk Fall weather. I've been working hard on my knitting this week and the kids wanted to knit too. So, since I can't possibly figure out how to teach them, we made stuffies. They drew a picture on red felt, cut it out, punched holes, and then sewed them together with yarn and added stuffing. Worked like a charm and kept them occupied for hours. I got this wonderful idea from my new favorite book (and accompanying blog) on the planet, The Creative Family.

My knitting is coming along. I've had 2 disasters but luckily I have two friends who knit who have bailed me out. I'm about half finished with my scarf. I'm so excited! I really do enjoy it, although at my beginning level I can't do anything else but watch what I'm doing. It will be fun when it's automatic and I can whip out a hat while watching Star Trek. Someday! The scarf is a lovely autumn shade of burnt orange. The kids are arguing over it, so I plan to take them to the yarn store with me and have then each pick out a skein for themselves and I'll make them each a scarf too. I am touched by how enthusiastic they are with this new little hobby of mine, and how proud they are of my work. Cuties!

And Ted was in miner mode, after a week of post-Keystone science at school. This week he started twice per week tutoring with his tutor plus the reading group he's in at school (each child is in a reading group based on level. Ted's level is with the para, who just happens to have a degree in Special Ed! Love it!) They are putting him on an IEP for reading, with the expectation that he will catch up by the end of 2nd, and SURELY by the end of 3rd, with all the extra support he's getting. His reading homework is twice that of the other kids, since he has to do his "reading homework" (which is reading a book and commenting each day in a reading log on what new developments are going on) as well as his tutoring homework (sight words, phonics and lots of "easy" reading aloud.) Ted is such a trooper and takes it all in stride. He brought home some pretty nifty algebra homework that left me in awe. He has his father's math brain for sure. He is SO HAPPY at school. Tonight he's at a sleepover at a 3rd grader's house. They went to Dave & Busters, then home for a movie, then scheduled sleep time (we'll see!) and then out to breakfast tomorrow. He has really taken up with the 3rd graders in his class and I'm loving their quirky and fun personalities. This is shaping up to be a pretty terrific year.

Mae had her first playdate at our house today. She's been to other friends' houses before but never had someone over here to play. She and Judy had a blast. Hannah is up next Friday! I hope to go through the class and get all her little friends over, in an effort to boost her confidence (she's not sure they actually like her ... I think she and Judy parted best friends today!) The did art for a long time, played some games, did some wild jumping and tickling and generally had a great time. I'm so relieved - she is much nicer that I thought she was ... with other kids she seems to shut down and not interact but clearly I'm not seeing the other side, or what happens when I leave, because she was fine. A bit bossy, but aren't most girls? Hooray!

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