Saturday, October 17, 2009

FB is easier

Ted tested last night and competed in a tournament this morning. I quickly uploaded my pics from my camera onto the computer, exported them to Facebook, added a few comments and was done! But, then I felt guilty not posting here. *sigh*
I am in the middle (literally! ha!) of a special knitting project for a very special person in our extended family and have Sam's "maybe" rainbow blanket on the brain. When the kids have gone to bed and the house in cleaned up, this knitting thing is a very relaxing thing to do. Still, the blog must go on!

So, last night Ted tested for his Black Belt Recommended. This is a black belt with a red stripe on it, to signify that he is a recommended Black Belt, but not a decided one just yet. He did a great job testing, sparring and breaking boards. We are all so proud of him.

This morning we drove our to Littleton for THE BATTLE FOR THE MOUNTAINTOP Tournament. This is our 3rd year at this tournament and it's a well-run event. This was Ted's first testing as a K4K, not a Tiny Tiger, and the other red/red-black belts were VERY good. Very tight, very snappy, very LOUD. He did well, but will need to step it up to win in this new ring. Still, he had FUN which is the point. He and the other boys were good buds by the end of the day. He won 3rd in Sparring and 4th in Weapons, walking away with the remark, "I need to work on my weapons more." Good for him, taking the initiative.

We spent the afternoon putting up Halloween decorations and Ted mowed the lawn (!!). They played some soccer in the park near our house and had a very nice family dinner of peanut soup with rice bread - random parts of that meal appealed to different people. All in all, a busy but pleasant day with the family!

Oh. Plus I deleted all the images from my computer. All the ones in my Photo Library. Nice. Guess a trip to the Apple Store in on my plate for tomorrow. Oy!

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