Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This is our 2nd snow of the year. It looks like a pretty good one out there right now - large flakes coming down fast. Wow! Paul takes the kids to school on Wednesday and while I was supposed to sub, she cancelled so I have the morning to tame the disaster that is our home by Wednesday. All this snow (and my knitting) has put me in the holiday mood a bit earlier than usual. Hanukkah begins on December 11 this year, so I need to be on the ball. I came across this tradition recently and fell in love with it. Our holiday tradition has always been to open one gift per night, for a total of 8 gifts. One was a goodie (like a Lego set) and the others were small but special (new art supplies, a new dreidel, etc.) Last year we decided to open all 8 gifts on the first night, to get the "rush through the candle lighting to get to the presents" issue out of the way. It felt like WAY too much... stuff. I enjoyed the every night tradition because each gift received full attention each night. But at the expense of the true meaning of Hanukkah? Not worth it. This year, we also plan to open gifts all at once. But we will try this on for size. I think it sounds perfect and beautiful. What are your holiday traditions? What do you love and what would you wish to change?

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Beth and Shayna said...

Hi there, it has been forever and I saw this post and had to leave a comment. I do Hannukah a little different than when I grew up. When I was younger, we had one big night of presents and then a one each night. But, there were many times we did not get a present on a night. Four kids and not a lot of money back then. Now with 9 grandkids, we do one very large night as a family with my parents, siblings, etc. Other nights, S gets one small present after lighting the candles and singing songs. We then play dreidel for a while rather than concentrate on what the present was for the night. I love the idea of the need, want, read, etc. Very cool! Glad everything is well with you guys.