Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Roasting Season

We've had 3 snows already - all before Halloween! This one is a blizzard, closing down the schools, mail, work etc. The kids had fun playing in the snow all morning, drinking hot cocoa, watching Madagascar, playing Legos and doing some schoolwork. I've been busy roasting! The Dark Days Challenge officially starts on November 15, but we've been eating mostly local for a few months now. Lunch today included roasted potatoes & garlic with sauteed chard and sliced beets, all from the CSA last week. I plan to serve similar simple, yet absolutely bursting with flavor, meals all winter. For dinner tonight I roasted a kuri squash and an onion for a squash-apple soup (my MIL's recipe) that we all love. It's going to be a delicious day, with scrumptious appetizers! I may not enjoy snow, but I do appreciate the siren's call of the kitchen when the days are blustery. Stay warm, friends!

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