Tuesday, November 3, 2009

back to our lovely Indian summer

This morning started out coolish but reached 72 this afternoon. I love Colorado. A quick recap for the non-Facebook peeps out there. On Wednesday of last week, I took Ted in to the doctor to take a look at the blisters on his hands. They suspected a virus, so not much to do about it but take Tylenol if it's a real pain. By Thursday both Ted and I weren't feeling very good. Ted developed a serious cold and I came down with, ultimately, Strep. I've never had strep before. I had a terrible sore throat, headache, body aches and swollen glands. It went on and on. By Monday, Paul convinced me to go in. It was either H1N1 or Strep. Happily, it was Strep! It's Day 1 on antibiotics and I feel sooo much better. Ahhh...

Now that I'm back up to snuff, I have to get going on food. Luckily I cooked up quite a collection of dinner-esque items last week, enough to hold us through the weekend. On Mondays I always try to prep a crock pot meal and that worked well. Now to turn the Kuri squash in a mashed potato-y concoction, the sugar pie pumpkin into black bean & pumpkin soup and the potatoes into our favorite roasted chunks of deliciousness. Oh yes. It will be a good end to the week.
Ole, btw, is a great compost bin. We had to get rid of ours while the basement was being fixed. We wondered, last season, if raccoons or some other creatures were helping themselves to dinner. Nope - it was Ole! He loves squash! Silly dog.

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