Thursday, November 5, 2009


Most of you are of my generation and may have spent as many hours as I did reading Little House on the Prairie. Remember when Mary got Scarlet Fever and went blind? For whatever reason, that and croup (a la Anne of Green Gables) have stayed in my mind as "serious" illnesses. Ted has spent the last 7 days "with a bad cold." The skin beneath his nose and around his mouth was broken out and his fingers "probably from gymnastics" were peeling. Today I took him in to our "homeopathic MD" just to check things out. He took one look at him and said, "It's Scarlet Fever. That's a form of Strep." "I have Strep," I said. "Ah," he said, with a very kind "Well, DUH!" twinkle in his eye. The whole family is on antibiotics now and will all soon be rid of this. What a week. Luckily, and there are so many lucky things to this, Ted has felt great this whole week, completing his homework, his schoolwork, extra work, many crafts and many (many) games. Another plus is that strep, in all its various incarnations, is still MUCH better for Ted to battle than the flu, which puts asthmatics into the hospital with pneumonia right away.
So, phew. Moving on now. (Please!)

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