Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We're back!

Here is Ted's official 2nd grade picture. Or mugshot as Wendy calls them. Love it! We should get Sam's on Thursday. We missed Mae's because she didn't go to school last week when the form was turned in. It's not bad either - in a shell-shocked kind of way. Wow. My kids are old enough to have their yearly portrait done at school! (We still want a family pic for the holidays though, Wendy! Can we schedule?)

Well, after more than 10 days of sickness, we are, if not 100%, at least back to the land of the living. Everyone went to school on Monday. I did my swim class today. I think perhaps we are going to be OK. It is truly astonishing to me how sick we all were. Even though, truthfully, I was the only one actually feeling terrible, our worrying about Ted had the whole family under pressure. Sam and Mae were very emotional these past few weeks, probably responding to the increased tension in the house. Paul got sick on Sunday, but luckily it seems to be a cold and nothing more serious. It's such a relief. Imagine - feeling better the next day instead of worse! While we pump their little bodies and our own with antibiotics, probiotics and vitamins and coax their shrunken tummies with apples and pancakes and *gasp* some ice cream, we are starting to see them spring back. Hooray. And thank goodness for modern medicine. It may have it's downfalls, but I'm grateful to it.

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