Thursday, November 12, 2009

and here is Sam!

Sam's Kindergarten mugshot. Love it!

It is great to be healthy again. The kids are back in school, doing their best to enjoy the gorgeous warm weather we are having. Ted's facial rash is healing up although his hands still look crazy and the skin on his hands is SO dry that people react when they shake his hand. Still, he's getting better. I am finished with my Penicillin and the kids have only a few more days of it.

Lots of knitting projects are going on! I'm almost finished with my 2nd hat (my 1st hat is stalled - more on that later) and am on my 3rd of 6 stripes of Sam's blanket. Tonight I got some super bulky super soft yarn to make some "cuddle blankies" for Ted and Mae, so they don't feel left out at Hanukkah when Sam gets his special mama-made gift. I hope to finish Sam's and get started on the other blankies while in NY (I leave on Tuesday morning.) I also have half a Sam replacement scarf on the needles but ran into a snag with the yarn (I hadn't balled it first, so it's a disaster.) Lots of knitting to do and lots of meal planning with the Dark Days Challenge starting up on Sunday.

Looking forward to a healthy weekend ahead!

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