Sunday, December 20, 2009

week wrap up!

It's been a busy week around here! Hanukkah took up our nights, full of warm soups made from CSA ingredients, presents, art-making, dreidal and latkes. We didn't do quite as much this year - some nights we simply did homework , read books and went to bed early. It was such a busy week, chock-full of activities, that it seemed easier to lay low. Ted stayed home sick Tuesday and Wednesday, gathering his strength and health for TKD testing on Thursday and an overnight on Friday. His testing was a mid-term and he got a perfect score, 290 out of 290 possible points! That means his feet were positioned correctly, he turned the right direction each time and never missed a move. I'm very impressed. He will test for his Black Belt in February, provided he can test out of his lower rank forms by then. A diligent two months await us!

On Friday I drove Ted, Kai and Omri up to Fort Collins for a long-awaited overnight at Pete's house. The boys had a blast, starting off with a crazy Nerf gun battle, followed by Wii boxing and a movie, and staying up til 11 talking and reading to each other. I love that they read to each other. Only in the company of their very safe friends could Ted and Pete feel comfortable reading aloud. I love and treasure their friendship and hope we can maintain it for a long time! The next morning came too quickly so we vowed to have another overnight over break. They are such good friends.

This weekend we hosted the bivio Holiday party at our house. I was in charge of getting the presents for all the kiddos (which stressed me out! but I did well). We ordered Chinese take out and had a lovely time. The kids played together well (Olivia, Elliott and Mae paired up while Ted and Aidan found things to do together. Sam was just Sam - a nut!) Today I did a lot of cooking, trying to make good use of the wilting produce from the CSA and planning for the next few weeks of copious squash, turnips and beets. More info on the CSA Challenge page. The kids have the next two weeks off of school, so lots of activities await! Homemade playdough, candy house construction, sock doll creations and baking await our leisurely days ahead!

Have a restful and happy end of 2009, friends!

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