Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ole Update #2

Today is Day 5, post-op. Ole is doing well. He had his first PT appointment today (only in Boulder!) The therapist showed me how to massage him, range of motion exercises and scolded me for letting him "trot." He needs to walk very slowly so he puts weight on his bad leg. We are starting 5 minute short-leash walks, very slowly. We can also begin weaning him off his pain meds, but he is clearly very sore today, so we'll start that in a few days. He's started licking where his fur is growing back in (or because his leg hurts a lot - hard to say) so he's stuck with the E-collar for a while. He hates it. It's so sad, but if he messes with those stitches it will be really sad. I am a little stressed out. It's a lot to juggle - meds around the clocks, icing, massaging, walking ... I'm getting a little burned out. He's worth it, but week 1 is tough.

Ted has a cold, so he stayed home today, happily playing his Star Wars DS game. He'll go tomorrow and hopefully will feel well enough to stay past lunchtime. Sam had a playdate with his buddy Seamus today after school and had a great time. He has chosen the two most energetic, most enthusiastic, most fun kids to befriend! I'm loving it. He tells me many times a day how much he loves his rainbow blanket, which warms my heart each and every time! Little sweetie. Mae and I had a little girl time today. She moved up to Level 5 in Swim America, so we went to Noodles today after preschool (that was what she wanted to do to celebrate.) She also joined me on the quest for mason jars for our holiday gifts this year (Peppermint Foot Scrub ... I tried it out tonight and it's wonderful!) She and Sam helped make up enough for 12 tins, so Sam can bring one tomorrow for Kara, his beloved Art teacher.

Ted asked me why I don't give money to the people on the corners anymore (I used to all the time - teachable moments there!). I honestly answered that we don't really have the money to give away anymore. He suggested making PB&J sandwiches and cookies and putting them in paper bags with an apple and then handing them out. I think we will do that next week on break. What a good heart that kid has.

I hope your holiday season is restful, filled with family and friends, and fun. Happy Holidays!

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