Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ole Update

Ole is home and recovering well. He went in on Thursday morning. First they had to run bloodwork, so see if his system could handle the drugs they were going to pump into him, and X-rays, to make sure he didn't have any tumors, being an old dog and all. All was well, though, and they were out of surgery around 4pm, when the surgeon called me to tell me they were through. He spent the night and we brought him home on Friday around noon. He spent the afternoon dozing and taking medicine. Peeing was tough for him, and he HATES the E-collar he has to wear in his crate when we leave the house. Today, Saturday, he tolerated the icing of the surgical sight, many pills and he even pooped today! He is a rock star. We love him so much, and are so glad he is on the mend. Thanks to all of you for your concern over our beloved mutt!

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