Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another fun winter race

I received 3 separate emails regarding this morning's race. All proceeds, including photos if ordered, will go directly to Haiti. I've never done this race before as it is a rather famous "elite" race for runners prepping for the cross country spring races. But I emailed my two new runner enthusiasts (is there anything more fun than brand new runners? I love the enthusiasm, the trepidation, and the glowing pride of finishing that only new runners have, before PRs come into play...) and we ran it together. Slowly. But it was a great run on a very blustery cold day with a lovely brunch afterwards (I had oatmeal - mmm - and I think I started feeling the tips of my fingers again).

Today begins what I like to call my birthday week. Today was the race and brunch. Tomorrow I'm meeting up with an old friend and going to a girl's night. Tuesday (the actual day) Paul and I will have my birthday sushi lunch and we'll pick up an ice cream cake to celebrate with the kids at night. Wednesday I'm having brunch with a friend at The Kitchen. Thursday and Friday should be free from birthday festivities, and the painting will be done, so we will be taking that time to box up anything that is left in the house that we don't need and prepping the basement to serve as "the lego room" and storage facility for things like pictures, extra large giraffes (*ahem*) and the boxes that have been packed. What a week! No subbing on the agenda this week, but I'm on for the following week, so I plan to help myself out by doing my octuple batch of GF pancakes (yes, octuple is a word - I had to check too) and a loaf of bread for the week. We have plenty of leftovers for dinners this week so I'm not even going to think about it til Thursday, which will probably be a crock pot chili, since I have beans I need to use up.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

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