Saturday, January 30, 2010

Exciting Weekend

A week shy of listing, we looked at houses today. I had seen them before and had 4 to show Paul that I thought we should consider. Two were in Gunbarrel (nixed by Paul - we are tired of driving) and two in Boulder. While both houses in Boulder were great, the smaller of the two (3 bedroom rather than 4) backs to open space, has amazing views, and is our favorite. The other one is great too, but it is a corner lot and doesn't have as much privacy, but much more space. In either case, it feels good to have "an area" to look - it is so early in the season that even if these fall through before we sell our home there will be more. We are busy fixing little things this weekend (light switches, boing-oing-oings (door stoppers? what is the name for these things?), nail hole filling and the like. Good stuff. The carpet comes on Monday.

Ted received an in-school suspension on Thursday and Friday. He and a 3rd grade friend were peeking in the girls' bathroom through the window (right outside at pick up - in full view of everyone, teachers, parents - obviously they didn't realize they were doing anything wrong.) It was a big deal and very traumatic for him, but as Horizons always does, they handled it well. They met with the principal, talked a lot about why it was such a big invasion of privacy, got their suspension, and spent their recesses doing community service for the school. Phew.

The boys have spent many hours making stop motion Lego films lately. I'll have to have Paul help me take their "slideshow" and turn it into a movie so I can post it. Some of them are hysterical. I love the creativity and the working together. Plus they don't need my help with it. Perhaps we have future Peter Jackson in the family - have you seen District 9? Really good.

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Where are the stop-motion Lego videos?
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