Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's been too long

I think it's pretty clear that I just can't handle posting when I'm stressed out. It's been a good week, full of last minute touch ups and paperwork. The house officially went on the market today, which means tomorrow begins the showings (and the cleanings!). Cross all fingers and toes please.

I'll start from last week and work my way through the week, though not much went on other than preparation. On Tuesday I wrote my guest post for the Dark Days Challenge. You can read it here. That was stressful, but a good memory of working well under pressure, just like the good 'ole college days.

I don't have much memory of the rest of the week (besides more cleaning) although I did sub on Friday, which is always fun. We spent Saturday with the chavurah and Sunday at home. I think I've come down with some odd bug - I spent most of Sunday napping and am feeling yucky again today.

Monday night a few bookclub friends met up at Centro for $2 apps ($2 drinks!) That was fun - I've been so house-focused that I feel like I've abandoned my friends for my floors. Hopefully I can reconnect now that we're in a routine. Tomorrow Ted and the 2/3s have their biking day for Outdoor Ed and then Thursday is Sam's ice skating for K. Somehow I managed to volunteer for both of these - not like me, but there it is. Friday is Aylah's baby naming at services - our last chavurah baby! Saturday should be mellow and then Sunday we'll have an open house (which means we'll leave - perhaps for the museum if it's this miserable out.)

I'm sure there are much more interesting tidbits to share but I can't think of any. It will be a real treat to post that our house is under contract! :-)

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