Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back into the swing

With the kids back in school yesterday, I mapped out my schedule for the semester too. Lots to do. Workouts, homemade meals, laundry, cleaning the house in preparation for listing it (someday soon! I hope!), subbing at Horizons and all the schlepping! Oh, it will be lovely next year when all 3 kiddos are at the same school at the same times.

So, back to my pre-holiday Winter Maintenance program. It's really just my normal program but with reduced mileage/times. It will start getting intense in May. Til then, I can chill. Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays I spin. There is a great spin class at FAC on Saturday mornings that I love. I scored a $20 spin bike yesterday at the consignment store and spun for 40 minutes today, to the Season 8 Biggest Loser Finale. I know the streets are dry, but I'm chicken and won't ride alone yet.

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays I run. Tue/Thu are easier short runs where I work on pacing while Sunday is just long and slow. I love long runs. I'll only go for an hour for a few months, til the program ramps up in the spring.

Swimming is tough. There are 2 great classes at FAC on Tue/Thu evenings. It's just very difficult to make them with Ted's TKD schedule. There is also a Thu am swim class with Andie, but that is too late since I have to get the kids to school. So I'm in a quandary. Til I figure it out, I swim 30 minutes on Tues/Thu after my run. It's boring but it works. I'm just not ready for Masters yet, or at least not at FAC. I might watch one in the early spring and see if I can survive in the slow lane.

Anyway, that's the schedule and it should work well. I'm looking forward to this season. Last year I was so scared of the very idea of a triathlon that I spooked myself a lot. But this year I know what's in store and I know that I enjoy it!

Now, how about some more pumpkin pie? :-)

*Update* Paul wanted me to add that we have been doing Jillian's 30 Day Shred since late December. I'm not sure but I'd guess we're somewhere into Week 3. I have some great definition in my arms and am enjoying the challenge of following Nat as best I can. So I guess I can tack on those 20 minutes of insanity to my daily exercise log. Yes, definitely more pie.

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