Friday, January 8, 2010

an e-mail vacation

Is turning off my email a vacation or a stay-cation? Hmm. For one week, beginning Monday morning, my email will be off. This means that an 'out-of-the-office' type of message will be sent to anyone who emails me. The emails will be deleted, not read. My hope is that my friends and family will call me at home or simply wait til next week to email. I feel that I am too distracted by the computer when I am at home, and I plan to be home a lot next week, prepping our house to get it on the market by Feb. 15. Much cleaning needs to happen, as well as more de-cluttering (though I'm pretty good with that) and some storage in the crawl space. I simply don't have the time to constantly be checking email, Facebook updates and my blogroll. I love these things and enjoy them immensely, but I need to focus. I think this will help.

It's a little weird - I'm so connected to everybody through the internet that I hope people won't be offended if I don't "like" their status or reply to a quiz. It's only one week, and I hope I will be refreshed and ready to sit back with my chai and catch up with the world when I return.

See you next week!

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