Friday, January 15, 2010


Well, it's been a busy week! What has most amazed me about this week is the additional hours I have gained in the day! Without checking email, Facebook, and my 20+ blogroll (a lot of times during the day), I found an extra half hour in the morning, which made our hectic mornings much more calm and pleasant. I've packed up almost all that needs to be packed (prior to showing the house) and it's all downstairs (in free boxes I picked up off Craigslist). I've interviewed and have quotes for the detail cleaning, re-carpeting and painting. I have pages of notes from the complimentary stager that works with my realtor. I have a plan of action. If all goes well, we should be ready to list by February 15, if not sooner. I am in a good place right now, emotionally, and will probably take another email vacation next week, just to keep the momentum going. It is nice to gain a few hours in each day while still getting to bed by 10pm!

In kid news, Ted is reading the Horrible Harry series (assigned by his reading teacher at school) and will move into Magic Treehouse in March. He is reading at an end-of-year 2nd grade level now - technically ahead of where he is supposed to be. The reality is, though, that he will need support through the end of the year and during the summer, but should be good to go on his own in 3rd grade! We are beyond proud of him. He is undeniably dyslexic, switching letters constantly. But he has learned to (so quickly!) know if the word is right or wrong and make the correct choice and move on. Words like "exhausted," "gasped," and "trembled" are no problem now, even when hyphenated (this really threw him for a while.) He has worked so hard and we are so proud of him. Now, to start worrying about Sam. :-)

Sam has moved from his art obsession back into Legos. The Lego table is going to live in the basement while we are showing the house, and Sam has a grand plan to sleep down there in a sleeping bag. He cannot bear to even think about not being near his beloved toys at all times. So cute. He is also growing; he eats an entire pizza, a whole apple and a gigantic pepper at a time, washing it all down with 16+ ounces of soymilk. He is a maniac.

Mae has discovered that burritos make for a peaceful and happy way to start the day. She's been happy as a clam all week and even lets me clean and rotate her earrings without fussing anymore. She helped me box up her room, carefully choosing what should be boxed and what should go into the "under the bed box." She is also suddenly into tights - something I've been waiting for! We are having lots of fun choosing cute outfits each day (so much thanks go to our friends the Halperins for their wonderful hand-me-downs!)

Paul is so patiently going along with all that needs doing, including the downsizing of his home office (he will work at his Boulder office while the house is on the market) and the necessary furniture moving. We are both enjoying our 45 minute Lost fix. We are in the middle of Season 3 and very confused; I think that is the point. We love it!

Ole is recovering beautifully. While he is still confined to the family room, he no longer needs his "no lick collar" and can go on 25 minute walks (on leash) 2-3 times per day. He is completely off his pain pills and only seems gimpy when he's been sitting too long. He no longer needs the crate and can sleep on his favorite couch all night again. Life is good!

Thanks to all of you who have telephoned me this week, allowing my electronic vacation to happen. I appreciate it!