Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Moving on to more intensity

No, not the house (for once) but triathlon training. I've had a lovely winter, leisurely running when and if I chose, without any real effort - just enjoying myself. Today was a bright sunny day, and much warmer than usual. It jump started me a bit and I'm moving on to a more intense routine, though still not the craziness that ensues in early summer. Here's my plan:

Monday: 30-60min swim (on my own)
Tuesday: 40min run - 60min swim class (Anna at Flatiron)
Wednesday: 60min spin class (6am at Flatirons - oy)
Thursday: 40 min run
Friday: off or 30-60min swim (on my own)
Saturday: 60min spin class (8am - hooray!)
Sunday: 60+ min long run

I had a great run today and (*yawn*) already signed up for the 6am spin class tomorrow. So I guess I'm committed. Here's to late Feb- early March for getting more tuned up for the season!

Another fun thing I planned out today were my races. My "A" race this year is the Boulder Peak Tri, which is an Olympic distance (1.5K swim, 42K bike, 10K run). According to the powers that be, I should have a B and a C race this season, 4 and 8 weeks previous to the A race. My B race, 4 weeks out, is a tough call because there isn't much going on that particular weekend, so I think I will do a mock tri on the weekend of June 13. We did this twice last summer with good success, plus we did it on the course of the race, which helped a lot on race day. The C race, 8 weeks out, could be in Fort Collins, on May 16. I've never done an indoor swim race before - should be interesting. I'm waiting to hear if my friend Tawnya will do it too - if so I'm in!

After my exciting A race, I can chill til Sept. 19, the Boulder Half Marathon, which I really enjoyed last year and the CF Ride, Sept. 11 (45 miles this year!). I plan to volunteer at the Outdoor Divas Sprint Tri on Aug. 22 (my good deed of the season) and perhaps at the Summer Open on May 23 (brr!). All in all, I am glad to be readying myself for another season. (Yes, too many Girl Scout cookies may have helped me with my decision!)

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