Friday, March 5, 2010


Ted turns 8 years old at 9:45am today.
Paul and I spent last night reading his baby book and perusing the blog. WOW ... the memories.
Those first few months of Ted's life were truly special - nothing to do but gaze at him in adoration. Before he turned 2, he was an angel. Then the more challenging character traits began to emerge - traits that will serve him well as an adult. He is strong-willed, determined, sensitive and fiercely independent.
But more often than not, the sweetness will shine through his tough guy demeanor.
And then he is my baby again. He always will be, I suppose.
My first born, my baby, my son ... when I stop to think of how much I love him, it is almost overwhelming.
Happy 8th birthday, sweetheart. We love you so very much.

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