Monday, March 22, 2010


Spring has sprung! And with it, our health is slowly coming back. I'm so sorry for the lack of posts. Between the deal falling through on our house, lots of subbing and the weird flu that morphed into a cold, I've been out of commission for a while. But it was 67 degrees and sunny today and things are looking up. We're going to the zoo tomorrow, to enjoy this beautiful weather.

We spent the weekend, when we weren't coughing, sneezing or napping, outside soaking up the sun. We were at the park for hours on Sunday. Saturday the kids spent most of the day creating things from funfusion beads. I love these things. Friday I kept everyone home from the last day of school because there was a blizzard. They played outside a lot on Friday and let me nap.

Sam has a lot of news. He got his special glasses last week. He has the same issues as Ted (tracking and convergence with far-sightedness) but is also severely light sensitive, which makes his eyelids spasm (the fancy word for this condition is benign essential blepharospasm). We all think he looks like John Lennon. He was also in his K/1 play last week, which was adorable. They did Puff the Magic Dragon and I nearly died of the cuteness.

Sam and Mae have both dived head first into TaeKwonDo. So far, so good. If all three could actually be involved in the same activity, I'd be thrilled. Mae wants to do the next tournament so that will be cute. Nothing like gigantic trophies for teeny little ninjas.

Enjoy this beautiful weather!

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