Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today Mae and I were on a short hike with Ole when I got a call from Caroline at KHHS camp. Sam had run into a pole (more of a ledge, really) at the park playstructure and had a huge bump on his forehead- could I please come get him? Yikes. This is Sam's 2nd bump and luckily he weathered it well. He did have a mild concussion, but spent the day with ice, homeopathic creams and tablets, and some Tylenol. Paul and I decided to gift him with his early 7-year-old birthday present: his own Nintendo DS. We had planned to give it to him prior to our drive to Iowa, but this seemed like a good time. He played it most of the day, watched Harry Potter, and generally laid around. He seems to be OK but WOW! that is a lump. (In this pic with Joshua, he had a band-aid over the minute cut. The swelling is hard to see in the picture but pretty substantial. My poor baby!)

In Ted news, their Bunk1 website is up, so I have sent Ted an an email, but there are no pictures up yet. Hope to see some soon!

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