Friday, July 23, 2010

6 months

My 2 week intro was up at yoga today, so I signed up for a 6month package, while canceling the gym. I figure the weather will hold so I can bike outside, and I can do drop-ins with Anna when I want to swim. We'll see in February if I want to continue with this practice or re-join the gym, which might be good winter tri prep at that point. I am really in love with this yoga. My arms are getting ripped, my flexibility is increasing daily, and now I realized I can bike there. Between long runs and yoga, I think I can take the end of the year to trim my waistline and get back in shape from the winter of Pioneer Woman. *ahem* It will be tough to get there in August, but once the kids are back in school it will be easy. Luckily Paul is willing to take them over the lunch hour so I can get to class in August. Wow - yoga - who would have thought... Paul and I took yoga while I was at CU but it's been years. I really like it and I really really like what it's doing for my arms. Now, if it would just get rid of my tummy too...

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