Sunday, July 18, 2010

Quick Vacation Update

It's been busy here without alot of time to update moeltini. It will be updated eventually with many wonderful pics of our adventures in the mid-west, but here are some Iowa pics for now (our Chicago vacay is chronicled here.)

My family went on to Iowa while I returned home to Denver. All the Moellers but Jean were able to make it (she's a doctor - finally, Jay got his doctor!) and the kids spent a very chill week with their cousins. I believe there was more gaming that anything, but Paul took some pics that suggested that they did get out of the basement (with more on than just undies) on a few occasions.

Fishflies take Dubuque! On the night before our wedding day in 1998, the fishflies were out. Unsuspecting guests to Dubuque who left their hotel windows opened returned to their rooms filled with fishflies. Rosa's reaction to them was the best - the most horrified. Apparently this happens every year around this time. I've witnessed it twice. Glad I missed it this year!

Moellers do Swiss Valley. Here the kids apparently forgot their swimsuits. They fish for crawdads and have a blast splashing around. This is definitely a summer tradition for my kiddos. And this year, no one lost a Croc in the water! Bonus!

The aforementioned gaming. Max, Sam, Henry & Ted in the basement.

Marshmallow guns with Uncle Rod. The kids came home with their treasured guns, each one hand-crafted to their specifications out of PVC pipe.

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