Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fun in Chicago

While the rest of my family shoots off illegal fireworks, watches too much SpongeBob, plays too much Lego Star Wars and stays up way too late, Ole and I lounge around at home. So far, we've slept in til 8am, gone on a long walk, had eggs and asparagus for breakfast, and caught up on blogs. A whole week to myself, even with my big race looming, is amazing.
Our carpeting was installed in the basement, even though there was supposed to be a delay so we could have the area tested for mold etc. And Ted's little cupboard under the stairs wasn't carpeted. I have a call in. It'll be OK. I'm still hoping for a painter. I have lots of calls in for that. It'll be OK.

Last week was lots of fun. We drove to Lincoln on Sunday and swam in the hotel pool. Ted and Mae alternated between the hot tub and the cold pool, flinging themselves into both with abandon. Sam and I shook our heads at them in confusion. We arrived in Iowa on Monday and spent the evening catching fireflies and catching up with G'pa Moeller. I took "our Heather" out for dinner on her last night in our family. On Tuesday we all said our tearful goodbyes to Heather and set off for Chicago. We swam in the hotel pool, claimed the comfy beds and set up our little kitchen in the suite.

On Wednesday we took the kids to LegoLand Discovery Center, which they loved. We met up with Maria and her kiddos, Eli, Sam & Zach. The look of pure joy on Ted's face, all day long, was awesome. We met up with Rosa and Bernhard at Gulliver's that night for dinner; B and my dad trading eating stories while Rosa and I caught up. Her baby is due in November - we are all beyond excited for her. On Thursday we met up with my friend Leslie and her 4 children at The Grove, a living museum. Her sons Charlie and Henry got along with Ted straight away (this happens every summer) while Phoebe (also from China) tried to befriend Mae, without much success. Baby Teddy is almost 2 and so friendly! The kids loved the one-room schoolhouse, the log cabin, the fancy house and the longhouse. They also loved the building with the 100+ year old turtle and lots of snakes. It was a great day, followed with lunch at the Choo Choo Restaurant, another tradition. Friday morning we had brunch at the hotel (so fancy) and after one last swim, packed everyone up and sent them on their way back to Iowa.

My folks got lost taking me to the airport, but I got a taxi and made it in time, so no harm done. I was in 1st class (not sure how that happened, since I got the ticket with Visa points) but if I hadn't had that element I would have missed it for sure. Check-in and security go much faster in 1st class! I arrived home around 8 and gleefully walked the few blocks home and collected Ole. After opening windows and putting things away, we crashed, blissfully, in our own beds.

And now, says Ole, it's time for another walk.

Memories to cherish:

Ted's smile at Legoland

Sam's peaceful, gentle somersaults and rolls in the hotel pool

Breakfast alone with Mae every morning and the ensuing chats

Paul yelling at the TV during the World Cup Soccer games

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