Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The second week of school is great. The routine is really coming together and no one is freaking out in the morning, well, no more than usual anyway. I've eased into a gentle schedule for the fall:
Mon: yoga
Tue: run (+ yoga if I'm up to it)
Wed: yoga
Thu: run (+ yoga if I'm up to it)
Fri: off (Mae Mama Day!)
Sat: ride (+ yoga if I'm up to it)
Sun: long run

My 8 mile run in the Newtons went well today. I've gradually built up the mileage on them and my only complaint is that the tops of my feet and my ankles really hurt at the end. I'm going to put my orthotics in on Thursday and see if that helps at all. My calves are fine now. Ahhh.

I rocked it in yoga on Monday, so last Thursday must have been a fluke (I felt sooo nauseous the whole time, which never happens to me in there, hot though it is). It was nice to ride there and back again, so I hope we have a lovely Indian summer so I can do it for a long time.

Back to school nights are this week and Sam's 7th bday party is on Saturday! He wants these cupcakes at school on Friday, the firecrackers for the boys and mice for the girls. Too cute!!!

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