Friday, September 3, 2010


Sam turns 7 on Saturday, September 4, at 5:44pm. Seven! How does the time go by so quickly? How can my tiny, early baby be so big? As it is with 2nd (and 3rd) children, I can't imagine Sam's babyhood without Ted in it. And even Ted was so little! 18 months - and a newborn. Lordy. Good thing I was young and energetic. Then. At seven, Sam is still very sweet, very good and very loving. His favorite foods are red peppers, toast with butter and (any kind of) milk. His favorite (screen) games to play are Wii swordplay and Club Penguin. He also loves to play Legos with Ted and to play family with Mae. He is an avid artist and writer, filling pages and pages with complex pictures and stories. His favorite books are the Percy Jackson series, Captain Underpants books and the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. He loves First Grade and is a Yellow Belt Decided in TKD. His best friends are Quinn and Seamus at school. He is now used to wearing his glasses and has never lost them! He is an amazing, wonderful boy!
Happy Birthday, sweetheart!!

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