Saturday, October 9, 2010

Blogging Fall Style!

It's 7:30pm and all 3 kids are down for the night. A roaring fire is heating the room. A purring kitty is on Paul's lap while Ole dozes next to me. It is Fall! I love Fall. I am not a fan of winter AT ALL. Since we don't ski, the only saving grace of winter for us is our love of sweaters and hot coffee. But oh how I love Fall. Jeans, sweaters, Pumpkin Spice Lattees and crockpots of soup... Mmm.

Our updates in the last few weeks seem small, yet they have been significant to the family. A stray kitty followed us home one night. We fed and snuggled her and a week later, after confirming that she did not have a microchip, welcomed Fuffles into our home. She's about a year old and a very sweet, easy-going kitty.

There has been a lot of work to do, both at the kids' school and at the temple. While I enjoy the work, it can seem overwhelming at times. I was grateful for an easy weekend to recover from what felt like weeks of meetings and emails. Last week was my half marathon. I was ridiculously slow (2:30ish) but felt great the whole time, so I'm not complaining! I recently started seeing a chiropractor and I'm pretty freaked out by it still, but am trying to stick with it.

Mae is in another ornery phase, which is a bummer because just recently I was thinking that she was really easy. She fell off the monkey bars at school, which scared everyone, but she only had a mild concussion and, besides a headache for a few days, recovered quickly. Sam had some blood work done to test for gluten intolerance and while we were there we had them test for cats too. He is allergic to cats but apparently is allergic to a bunch of things in the environment too, so we got the green light for Fuzzles. He goes in to an allergist in a few weeks to see what else he's allergic to and hopefully we can find find him some relief.

I saw the documentary "Race to Nowhere" which I highly recommend googling for the info and watching the movie. I would say more but the iPad is not really meant for this much typing and I'm getting frustrated!

Can't wait for Thanksgiving when Nancy comes out and the winter holidays when I visit Rosa to meet her new baby (due in early November) and then train home with my mom for her visit! Happy Fall!

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