Thursday, October 21, 2010

Conference Week (& Update)

This week the kids had no school for conference week at Horizons. And we are dog-sitting, so Paul worked from home, since Goldie adores Paul and without him is very upset.
Monday we had the kids' conferences. All 3 are doing great. I am so impressed, as always, with the AMOUNT of work these kids get done! Ted's printing has gotten really nice and his cursive is coming along nicely. They did start typing in computer lab, so I'm not sure how much longer either of those will matter in the long run, but still. Sam is a writing machine, churning out book after book. He is also great at math, like his brother and father. And sweet Mae is doing great - she started the year pretty behind but has caught up to everyone and, as we expected, is starting to show signs of being a very sharp little girl .
Tuesday we went to the allergist for Sam. They did the scratch test on him and yes, he is allergic to cats and dogs and also mold. They want to give him weekly allergy shots; I want to him see my chiropractor. We'll see. We also went to Cottonwood Farms to select our pumpkins, do the corn and hay bale mazes, and pet sweet animals. The sheep in particular seemed awfully sweet and friendly. Cute kittens too.
Wednesday we went to the Denver Museum of Science of Nature. We went to see the new IMAX 3D Hubble Satellite movie (which was RAD!) but also took in Space, Gems & Minerals, Evolution, Mummies and some Dinosaurs. Whew! We saw lots of other Horizons families there which was fun.
Today, Thursday, was our big adventure day. We went to Dinosaur Ridge, which boasts some of the most impressive dino tracks in the US. We chose to walk up the 1 mile steep road to see and read the signs and points of interest. We also accidentally got onto a bike trail which really made Sam mad, but we did see a cool turtle rock that the kids loved. We caught a little tour bus back down and visited the sweet little museum and gift shop (commemorative smashed pennies seemed appropriate). On the way there the kids wanted to drive up to the M in Golden, so I promised them we'd go on the way home. We wound our way up, stopping off to admire para-gliders, amazing vistas, and irresistible boulders. All in all, a fabulous outdoor kind of day!
Tomorrow we'll take it easy and hang out at home. Tomorrow night our new rabbi will be officially installed, so baths may be in order too! Happy weekend!


The Jordan Family said...

We visited Dinosaur Ridge this summer while in CO. The boys LOVED it! Did you also walk along Triceratops Trail? Also fun...

Ellen said...

We only did Dino Ridge this trip - is Triceratops Trail across the road near Red Rocks? We'll return for sure - it was a huge hit. It was YOUR suggestion, BTW, so thank you!!

PS Sam LOVES his desk. He even eats at it (it's in the dining room near all the writing/art supplies). LOVE it! You don't have another one left, do you?