Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I love routine. While our week off was fantastic, it is also heavenly to send the little darlings off in the morning. Their tummies are full, their clothes are warm and their lunches are healthy. And then it's quiet. Ahhh...
I've been unusually productive this week, as a result of such peace. With Indigo Girls in the background, I've found a rhythm again. The house is staying tidy, dinners are being churned out and our routines in the evening are taking hold. I honestly think we got so entrenched in keeping the house in perfect order that we joyfully tossed all routines to the wind once we moved in. It's nice to live in a clean, organized home again. Bedtime routines are cementing again too; lunches packed while Paul reads to the boys, kitchen cleaned up right after dinner (rather than collapsing on the couch with a glass of wine, also good! but not as pleasant to deal with the next morning!) I think the chiropractor business is helping my headaches and perhaps even my energy. Or it could be the red meat. In any case, going to bed around 10:30 and waking up to the alarm at 6:30 seems to work. I love my crock pot oatmeal and little coffee maker (tho Paul's French Press is sooo much yummier and makes the weekend that much more special!). Everything is humming along. I even baked cookies for the kids' lunches this afternoon!
I found (stole?) this pic from the Boulder Marathon. I did the half again this year and was much slower than last year but felt great the whole time. It appears that I am still a heel striker, even with these fancy Newtons, so I may go back to my trusty Sauconys. I'm running Tuesday and Thursday mornings, with a run on the weekend when it works. Yoga on Mon/Wed if I get to it and lots of mellow hikes with Old Ole. He is doing so well for an old dog. He loves his walks, his snuggles and his treats. Fuffles is learning to use the litter box (hooray!) and purring up a storm. She is a very contented kitty.
This Saturday the boys start a rock climbing class - finally, something physical that Sam ASKED to do! Mae has 2 more weeks of soccer and she doesn't want to do it next semester. She's doing TKD, so I'm ok with that. We are probably going to take a little break from piano til after the holidays as well. I always try to pare things down from November til February - to give us more space just to BE. Just being - sometimes that's all I can handle! :-)

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