Monday, November 1, 2010

Wow - it's November!

Our first Halloween in our new neighborhood was a blast. The carved pumpkins, glowing skeleton and scary music enticed the neighbor kids and we gave out about 1 bag of candy - much less than in Rock Creek, but fun all the same! Ted was with Ben all night, arriving home at 8:30 with a pillowcase full. Paul and Micah took the 4 little ones around for about an hour and they were very happy with their stash. My kids left most of their candy for the Great Pumpkin and were paid handsomely!
Now we move on to Thanksgiving - it's very fun to have so many "firsts" in this home. First Back to School, First Sukkot, First Halloween, First Thanksgiving, First Hanukkah! Whew - busy season coming up.
I scored a church job to last me through June, when the temple job starts up again. While I'll miss Sunday mornings with Paul while the kids are in Sunday school, it'll be good to work more regularly.
Hope you all had a fun Halloween too!

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