Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DSL for my parents!

My parents finally have DSL, high speed internet access! They are having lots of trouble with the computer but at least they can browse the web easily now! I'm going to try to update the blog more regularly now that it won't take them an hour to load the page!

Happy Valentine's Day! Paul, in our old dating tradition, baked me a brownie. The words are new this year. I love it! He is such a great guy!

I've had an exciting few days. A few weeks ago, on an audition website I frequent, I found an audition call for Wizard of Oz, with a decent stipend to boot. I auditioned last Saturday hoping for Glinda (small role, not a lot of rehearsal time, some singing) and instead find myself in the running for the Wicked Witch. I should find out sometime this week if I got the part. We even had to dance at callbacks on Monday night. Flashbacks from high school - oy veh! I've also subbed a lot and have a bunch on the calendar for next week. It's going to make a decent paycheck!

Tonight Sam started reading a Ricky Ricotta book. He has trouble with 1-2 words on each page, so it's a stretch for him, but for the first time EVER, he is incredibly excited to read to me. He's so enthusiastic that it's impossible not to get into the mood right with him. Hooray! The State of Colorado requires all students not reading at grade level to go on an ILP (an Individualized Literacy Program), which is something I pushed for Ted and they wouldn't put him on one because "first grade is too early." Yet they put Sam on it, because he is at an "8" and should be at a "10." I'm not objecting, because I think extra literacy is awesome and can't hurt (especially the way Horizons is doing it, where Sam basically just meets with his teacher and 3 other kiddos on a daily basis to work on rules and phonics). Ted was put on an ILP in 2nd grade and was triple-dipped (as Julie, his teacher, puts it) and he caught right up and is a great reader now. I'm glad Sam is getting the extra help, though I was not worried about him. Hooray for Ricky Ricotta. That means Captain Underpants isn't far behind! Oh no!

Ted was the only child to remember my birthday with a card (the other two scrambled to make one of their own as soon as they realized, but since I was on my cleanse, I hadn't made a big deal of my birthday this year). I love it and will probably frame it. Apparently he asked to make it during a free write time at school and Julie let him, then was so touched by his choice of work! He can be a sweetie. Tonight he asked me to cut his curly locks off at the base of his neck. I know mullets aren't the rage, but I would have let them be; I love his curls! Luckily he is keeping the "peyes" (as we jokingly call them) in anticipation of his Immigration project in May (he wants to recreate my dad's German Jewish ancestors immigrating to New York. They came much earlier than Ellis Island, so not sure how we're going to do it, but I'm sure more will be revealed about this very exciting project).

And sweet Fuffles, enjoying the sunshine. She is such a great cat!

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patricia said...

Thanks for the great update and the pics. Love your brownie valentine and Ted's card. Hooray for Sam's lit push! I agree with you.

More to come, I hope?

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