Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Goals for 2011

I spent some time on SimpleMom.net, a favorite site of mine, before the new year, but never got around to posting my goals for 2011. Two of them are going to be true challenges. Can you guess which two?
  1. Parent with love and intent.
  2. Take time for Yoga and Running.
  3. Be productive! Get the household chores done while the kids are at school.
  4. Maintain the Mediterranean diet!
  5. Schedule Date Night once a month.
  6. Keep to the budget.

Answer: Numbers 1 & 5 will be the toughest, I expect. Interesting that those two are the two that require interaction with the people I love most in the world. It is far easier to work alone. Perhaps that is why schools do all that group work these days, to better equip the younger generation to work together.

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