Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A quiet day? No. But a nice one.

UPDATE: No school tomorrow either. Oy.

Our neighbor is a lawyer and spent the day in Denver - the state courts closed but not the federal government, so she was strapped for childcare. Her 3 boys came over (which was nothing new - our kids are always back and forth) and spent the morning here. Rather than yell at them all morning, I encouraged games, coloring, wii and computer games. We all had lunch together at noon and their mom was home by 1. Now it is very quiet. The 6 kids + Paul devoured the 2nd batch of pumpkin scones so I think I'll be baking these daily for a while. At least it warmed the house! Cabbage soup is bubbling in the crockpot. High of 2 degrees today. Brrr.

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