Thursday, February 24, 2011

a short but busy week

This week we had 3 days of school. Monday was President's Day and Friday is Teacher Work Day, and also an optional conference day. We are conferencing with Ted's teacher to talk about why he says he is bored in class. I suspect there is a bit of third-grade-itis going on, since he has the world's most incredible 2/3 teacher, if I do say so myself.

I spent last weekend in Evergreen with the lovely women of my chavurah. Friday we fixed dinner at the cozy cabin and chatted into the night. Saturday we all slept in, enjoyed amazing pancakes and fruit salad, played some games, did more chatting and went to a fancy spa followed by dinner. Sunday we went into town to pick up some presents for our kiddos and returned home to this sight in the front yard. Amazing. It was such a restful, pleasant weekend of reconnection with women I have known for almost 9 years.
I returned home to a dinner guest, which set the tone for the rest of the week somehow - rush rush rush.

Monday there was no school, but I had scheduled the boys' dentist appointments (Ted had one cavity, the other two none, though Sam will surely need gum grafts and braces in his future. Lucky him.) I also had Sam evaluated by my friend the literacy specialist, who agrees with me that he may be a bit behind, but his writing more than makes up for it, and that he will probably be just fine - no apparent learning disability. Hooray! It's always nice to have another opinion and I value hers. She was so impressed with how diligent he was with the words she was asking him to spell. Her favorite was material, spelled "mateereeyal." Rock star. He would never be able to "read" that word, but it sure doesn't stop him from writing it. She noted how completely his demeanor changed when they moved from "reading" to "writing," from tense and nervous to completely relaxed.

Tuesday and Wednesday I subbed in Ted's class, for the wonderful para. I love being in his class though I cringe when he says less-than-erudite comments and wish he wouldn't have to re-write his work 3 times. *sigh*

Today was a catch-up day with friends! I met with Lisa to go over Sam's report at 8, chatted with her til 10, met another friend and chatted with her til 11, at which point I tried to leave the coffee shop (Ozo) but ran into another friend! An hour later, I finally made it home to walk Ole.

Tomorrow there is no school, just the conference, but Paul and I are headed to the fancy-shmancy Flagstaff House restaurant for an evening with his company. We haven't been there since Sam was a baby, so I'm excited! Must get to bed. Last night was a late night due to rehearsal plus Sam was up at 2am freaking out. I still enjoy those infrequent 2am snuggles, I do admit it, but it does make for a long day. Here is Sam in his new frames (after breaking them ice skating a few weeks ago).

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patricia said...

What on earth are those big animals in your snowy front lawn? Deer? Elk? Brontosaurus?