Thursday, February 24, 2011

Food Goals

I'm reading The Locavore's Handbook by Leda Meredith and am feeling that annual spring excitement. Choosing seeds, planting and watering, frequenting the Farmer's Market (no CSA for us this year), the sun oven .... these last days of February have given us such a tease of spring weather that it's impossible not to day dream about the upcoming season! In the spirit of spring renewal and excitement, I'm going to try (sorry Yoda) to make our standard food choices more sustainable. This means trying (I'm so giving myself an out here if this bombs, can you tell?!) to make the following switches from store-bought to homemade or locally sourced:

  • make my own yogurt with local milk, sweetening it with local honey and flavoring it with either farm or homemade jam (YES! I AM GOING TO CAN THIS SUMMER! I AM! FINALLY!)
  • either learn how to cook bagels or buy from a local bagel store (Big Daddy's or Moe's are possibilities) that hopefully sources local wheat (available at my King's, so if I can figure out how to cook them myself, all the better!)
  • Can tomatoes. Lots of them.
  • Purchase locally grown, organic carrots, bell peppers, berries, apples and beans (my family's daily fare)
  • Renew my commitment to Justin's Nut Butters and stop buying Nutella, even though their version doesn't' taste the same. Perhaps if my kids take a break from Nutella, they will eventually come to love it. They already love their peanut and almond butter, so we at least have a foot in the door.)
I love Spring, but I almost love February even more because of all the dreaming (and none of the do-ing) it allows. Happy almost Spring!

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