Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I'm going to be shaking up the look of the blog a bit in a week or so ... spring cleaning always inspires a new look to things. We've moved our front room around a bit to make room for seedlings and the enthusiasm has spread to other parts of the house too. Move things around! Sweep that dust! Open the windows! (Granted, spring in Colorado does mean that it snowed today, in spite of reaching highs in the 70s with sun. We live in a wacky place.)

Wendy took the kids' pics a few weeks back, which will be highlighted in the "new" blog look. Can't wait! In the meantime, they're up on FB.

This week we have conferences at Horizons, so the week is off. Ted has a little bit of homework, but no COW so no real stress. We saw "Rio" which was aDORable. The kids each have a doctor appointment (I hate pulling them during school for doc appts) and we're having lots of fun (heh) encouraging Sam and Mae to read to us every day.

Also, we are relaxing into a stricter (ironic, no?) style of discipline that seems to be working wonders with Ted's short temper and Mae's sassing. (Sam's response to Paul's question: "Sam, why aren't YOU ever in time out?" "Because I'm the good one." Ah. So that's it.)

Happy Spring, everyone!

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