Thursday, June 2, 2011

Raising a Healthy Adopted Child

Summer can be a refreshing change of pace for us as parents. Free from the daily lunch-making routine, mornings in my house relax. I often batch cook pancakes for the week, while in the summer I can prepare fun breakfasts. Egg-in-a-Hole, anyone?

I also can turn my attention from After School Activities and homework towards strengthening our family unit. An area that I find often needs attention in the summer is the health of my children, Mae in particular.

By health, I have three ideas in mind. There are three types of health that are, in my opinion, equally essential to the overall well-being of my children. They are Emotional Health, Physical Health, and Education. When those three areas of Mae's life are vibrant, interesting and stress-free, I find her (and indeed, our entire family!) happier and more relaxed.

This summer, I plan to discuss each of these areas individually each month. June will be Emotional Health Month and together we will explore the different avenues by which we can strengthen and improve the emotional health of our adopted children (and our biological children too!) July will focus on Physical Health and August will wrap up the series with a discussion of Education. Meet me here on Monday for the first installment!

Please join me on this journey. Let's make this summer one of family unity, joy and peace.

What elements of your child's life do you consider the most crucial? What parts do you think can be more relaxed, especially during the summer months? Homeschooling and unschooling moms, I'd love to hear how you achieve balance throughout your school year!

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