Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fun running update

Hello! School starts on Monday and I can hardly wait to carve my 2 hours of writing into my day! Until then, a brief update on the running business.

The training is coming along. I've decided to forgo my IronGirl Tri on the 27th, so I can take Ted and Mae to a TKD tournament in Littleton. I think I'll compete too, since we're there anyway. I am super disappointed to miss this tri, in its first year, but I can't do both.

The running has ramped way up. With 8 weeks to go, the long runs are getting epic and the "sorta-long" runs are inching up there. This week I ran 29 miles, 15 of them today.

Paul was rafting today, so I secured our babysitter and set out at 6am for my long run. I converted the trunk into my own personal rest stop, equipped with ice water, Gaterade, GUs, kleenex, sunscreen, and my iPod.

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I parked at the Bobolink Trailhead and headed out for my first of two laps: 8 miles - 4 miles out then back. This trail, along South Boulder Creek, has been my mainstay trail and I absolutely love it. 4 miles takes you past the gate at Marshall Road for almost a mile, which winds into a 1.5 mile circular track owned by CU. Heading back, a satirical comic writer for the Daily Camera joined me and we chatted pleasantly, which really made the miles fly by.

I walked for a minute every mile, drinking as though it were a water stop. Returning to my car, I filled up my tanks and put on my headphones. Then it was 7 more miles, 3.5 out and back along the same trail. Going out was hard - I was hungry and tired and feeling loopy. The return felt good though and I finished strong and happy.

After a good stretch, shower, bath, lunch and lounge on the couch, the kiddos and I headed to their school from 1-4 where we helped ready their classrooms.

Paul came home tonight, which was unexpected, and Mae and I had dinner with her fiancee, Max. He's a good Jewish boy! :-) All in all, a busy day, but a productive one by all accounts.

Tomorrow, readying the house for school! Backpacks, laundry, lunches, snacks, plus banana bread & grapefruit for 1st day of school breakfast .... a busy day, but first my beautiful ride to Golden with Sylvie.

Happy weekending to all!

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