Saturday, August 20, 2011


I'm not sure which of my favorite inspirational bloggers first coined this phrase (it may have been the lovely Soulemama) but I love the sound of it. Weekending has taken on a life of its own during this height of marathon training.

Friday night there must be pasta - there must! We don't eat much pasta; we are more rice and quinoa folk. But you can't beat pasta for the pre-run meal, so pasta it is! Getting to bed at a reasonable hour and wine-free are also key (thought not essential!)

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Saturday the alarm is set for 6am (it will move to 5:30 on the epic 20 miler). I usually wake just before 6 and avoid having to startle post-soccer Paul from his well-deserved slumber. I pack up my make-shift rest stop into the trunk of the mini-van and head to the trail.

Bobolink, or South Boulder Creek Trail, whichever you call it, has been my haven. It is so beautiful and so peaceful, and full of runners (which can be very annoying, or entertaining, depending on what loop of the run I am on). One loop and it's back to the car for a fill-up, re-sunscreen and iPod. Second lap and the bliss of stopping. finally. And stretching. Ahhh....

Home to shower off the grime, then soak the sore muscles. A green smoothie and a rest (not a nap!) on the couch for an hour and then the day goes on. There are errands to run, birthday parties to attend, dogs to be walked ... etc.

Sunday the alarm again is ready for 6am. This bike ride with Sylvie (or a spin class at the gym if she's traveling) really helps work the soreness from my legs and I always feel great after the ride. Another shower and perhaps a lie-down, and the preparation for the week ahead begins. Dinners are planned, laundry is tamed, lunches are pre-made, and schedules are coordinated.

And then the work week starts. For me, the work week means shorter runs, lots of yoga and some down time. To read. To write. To rest. I am so blessed and happy in this life I have been given.

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Besides being the first day of school, last Monday was also the first day of an e-course I'm taking, entitled "30 Day Vegan." Heather of beauty that moves offers an incredible workshop chock-ful of recipes, motivational posts, organization, tutorials, and breathtaking photography.

I have so enjoyed this week of preparing and enjoying our delicious vegan food. We've been vegan before but so missed the cheese. So far, with Cashew Nut Cream, I'm not missing the dairy! Most astonishing to me is my lack of cravings. My body feels fine-tuned, clean and healthy.

All in all, weekending has been a pleasure lately. How about your weekends?

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