Saturday, August 27, 2011


Ted, Mae and I had a TKD adventure this weekend. We drove to Littleton Friday afternoon for some black-belt only competition, and to watch our instructors mid-term. Then we spent the night at a hotel, with the fun swimming, breakfast and TV that my children l.o.v.e.

Saturday Mae competed as a Tiny Tiger while Ted helped out by time-keeping in the rings. We got lunch around 2pm and Ted's ring finally got going around 3:30. Of course, as luck would have it, MY ring was staged while Ted's was on deck.

That was stressful, but the worst was that my ring actually got going right when Ted had won one round of sparring and was about to do another round! He eventually took 3rd place in Sparring, which, with three State Champions in his ring, was quite a feat.

I was bummed to miss his second round, but had fun competing myself. I did my form as best as I could, but didn't place. I did get 3rd in Sparring (ha!) but there were only four of us sparring (out of the seven in the ring) so it's not quite as impressive as Ted's win. I did see that none of the ladies competed in Weapons, so I might as well do that next time! Automatic first place!

All in all, a great experience. This was Mae's second tournament and she did great. Ted is completely jazzed now and wants to compete at Fall Nationals in Orlando, FL. Not sure I can pull that off, but we're going to try. There are three more regional tournaments, and the four medals link together to make the Songham Star. Very cool.

The school's (new) main instructor, Mr. O, wants Ted to start schlepping to Fort Collins on Saturdays. There are three classes he can do, with other black belts his age. He could do a Black Belt class, an XMA class, and a Sparring class. He is very excited about that, though a little nervous too.

His dear friend Pete lives in Fort Collins, so perhaps we can tie a visit with Pete into the day. We're thinking to go twice a month, although if he actually is going to get really serious (you just never know - tournaments get Ted very excited) we may go more often.

Mae's soccer season starts up next week! Saturdays are going to be divide and conquer days! Bring it!

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