Thursday, September 15, 2011

In my kitchen...

Today has not turned into the day I had planned. Life is funny that way, isn't it? I had planned to do my 20-miler today, to free up my weekend. I woke up this morning, still tired from rehearsal in Denver last night, sneezed, and felt my raw throat tighten when I swallowed. Oh dear. This was not the day to be out in the chilly, wet air for four hours, I supposed.

I got the kids off to school and had a minor calendar confusion, which eliminated any hope of me making it to my 9am yoga class. Oh well. I made myself a cup of echinachea tea with some slippery elm bark powder and surveyed my kitchen.

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A large crate of 50 ears of corn lay waiting in the pantry. A huge flat of over 40 tomatoes glowed red in the corner of the kitchen. And the bread bag, when I reached for a slice of toast, had only once slice left. Decision made.

So far, I've put 4 four-cup bags of fresh corn kernels into the freezer, ready and waiting to be turned into one of our favorites, Corn Chowder. About 25 tomatoes are chopped and roasting in the oven, putting off a heavenly aroma, soon to be turned into another favorite, Soulemama's Carrot Tomato Soup. Mmm. And the bread is rising. In this chilly house, I am grateful to have the time to let it rise all day if it needs to. This afternoon the delicious smell of fresh bread will greet my two (of three) children after school.

Speaking of children, I am minus one this week. Ted is at 100 Elk, up in the mountains with his 4/5 class. They are hiking, canoeing, doing ropes courses, horseback riding, and I'm sure many more wonderful outdoorsy activities. I am certain that Ted is in heaven.

Sam arrived home from Keystone Science School yesterday afternoon, tired and happy. It is nice to have his sweet little face in the house again. Mae has a field trip each day this week; today they are taking a bright yellow schoolbus to the Botanical Gardens in Denver. Never a dull moment.

And here I sit, taking a break from slicing corn, stirring tomatoes, kneading bread and fixing tea to pause and give thanks. It is a lovely day, indeed.

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