Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Holiday Preparation - already?

First, let me apologize for not having the next installment of the Lifebook Series up here today. Things got a little wacky. I promise it'll be up by the end of the week!

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I was very excited to see the FedEx man today -with my soap supplies! I am going to try making our soap, after being inspired by FIMBY. Actually, all my friends and family will be receiving homemade gifts this year. Partly a financial decision, and partly due to the ease of "school age" children, I've been concocting tinctures for our sniffles, vanilla extract to gift to friends, and now, soon, soap! I'm so excited!

My first batch will be a simple one, lightly scented with lavender. I'm hoping it will be mild enough for all our uses, but sudsy enough to be good in the bathtub (my kids can get so very dirty!)

Other distractions include the very pretentious but quite effective Recovery Clinic. With elite triathletes traipsing in and out, I sort of feel like a faker, but the boots felt great! The Graston, not so much. So, with three weeks to go til my marathon, I plan to visit the clinic after each run to help my recovery. Boulder is so funny.

I was psyched to see that my In My Kitchen post was cross-linked through BlogHer and that brought a lot of traffic! So fun to see that happen - especially since that post was such a good one for me. Life just happens, you know?

So, there's been lots more roasting of tomatoes, baking of snacks (vegan peanut butter rice crispy treats! Yum!), and other sundry cooking, as well as training, TKD-ing, homework-helping (with two kiddos having homework, I'm definitely feeling the pressure to help them "make time" to get it done) ... well, there is just a lot of doing around here lately!

How are your days? Is the Fall weather inspiring busy-ness, or a snuggle-back-into-the-covers approach? (I admit that I start each day with that!)

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