Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Creating A Beautiful Lifebook: One Child Policy

This one is a biggie. Hang on.

I think it is essential for my daughter to know about the one-child policy. I think she needs to know the climate in China and the possible reasons her biological parents had for giving her up. She needs to know WHY parents abandon their children.

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The one-child policy has a lot of information available on the internet. Just do a google search and you'll find many links. This is definitely an area to adapt as your child ages and matures. Right now, the simple explanation in Mae's book states:

"In China, parents may only have one child, maybe two if the first child is a girl. The reason for this is the Chinese tradition of caring for parents in their old age. A daughter leaves her family to live with her husband's parents but a boy will stay and care for his parents. This is why parents need to have a boy, to secure their lives in their old age."

This explanation, for the moment, soothes her. She understands, at some level, that it is not her fault her parents had to give her up. I cannot wait to take her back to China, to show her the large population, so she can truly see why these rules were put into effect.

Once you've detailed the one-child policy, at whichever level you think is appropriate, don't be afraid to refer to it when questions arise. Eliminating the guilt is key!

Another addition to this section can be the finding ad and picture from the local newspaper, if you can find it. Brian Stuey, of research-china.org, is an excellent resource for this information. Mae's little face, described (in translation) in the paper, is so sweet. It is the very first picure, the only "newborn" picture we have. The rest of the text describes where she was found, when, and what she was wearing. It is the only written record we have from that time, that week, those first few days of her life. It is precious.

So, between the one-child policy and your child's finding ad, you are well on your way to creating a beautiful and very informational lifebook for your child! Good job!

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How is it going? Remember, don't try and make it perfect, just do it! You'll be so very glad you did.

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