Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Creating a Beautiful Lifebook: Updates

This week's topic is so much fun. It's all about the updated information.

You may have received an update from the orphanage or from the foster parents. In either case, use every picture and include a translation of every word of the update. These precious words and pictures will give your child a very special glimpse into her life in China. This will be very important to her, if not now, than someday soon.

We received our update one month after referral. It was bittersweet to see the growth from our referral pictures of a teeny baby to a chubby seven-month old.

Be careful not to let this section betray any sadness you may have felt at the change in your child. Yes, she is growing up fast, but you have years and years ahead of you with your child. You will be able to watch her grow. We all know this now, but sometimes re-living those moments can make us remember our momentary grief for not being there sooner.

You have a choice here. Think again about the style you are creating in the book. You can present the pictures and the translated update report in an informational way, or in a more conversational "We were so excited to see your picture" way.

Here is a link to our update information. I remember that exciting day with as much clarity as I remember our referral day.  Enjoy this trip down memory lane!

We'll talk about Referral Day on Thursday! 

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