Thursday, October 6, 2011

Creating a Beautiful Lifebook: Referral Day!

February 28, 2006. That was our referral date. I'll never forget it, I think. We had a video camera going and kept the boys home from preschool that day. Oh, what a day it was.

Referral Day is really the only place in your child's Lifebook in which you can safely wax emotional about how you felt that day. After all, the Lifebook is about your child, but on Referral Day, it's really about how the family experienced seeing their newest family member.

If you have more than one picture, showcase them all (remember, every picture is precious!) Include all the details that you hastily scribbled onto a piece of paper that day. If you had to wait for a package, or drive to the agency, describe seeing the rest of the pictures and all the detailed information.

Here is a link to our Referral Day, also found on the right side of the blog. I didn't include all those details in Mae's Lifebook, but I did try to convey the joy and excitement we all felt at our "first glimpse" of her.

Besides Gotcha Day, this is one of my favorite memories to "relive" with my family. It all because real on this day - we were really going to have a daughter! 

This was an early post since I will be in Chicago running the Chicago Marathon this weekend, following two full days/nights of singing Yom Kippur services. Happy Columbus Day to my fellow Americans, and Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!! 

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