Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Creating a Beautiful Lifebook: Travel in China

It is nice to include a section in the Lifebook about your time together in China. Often, agencies will include tours to the major places of interest in the city. The capital city of your child's province is an important one - give it some loving attention.

In Changsha, we toured an embroidery factory, the beautiful Xiang river, Martyr's Park, and the Six Banyan Temple. I included pictures and information about each place and tried to give a good description of their importance. Funny tidbits from each day, of course, are included!

We also stayed at the famous White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou, which deserved its own page, if only for the Red Couch photos alone! Our travel group took a group picture in front of the beautiful waterfall, so a picture of that is included as well.

You can include information about the medical exam, if your child had one, and the requisite shopping experience in Guangzhou. Perhaps a picture or two of your child wearing an outfit you purchased in Guangzhou would be perfect here.

The travel section is a good place to document all the special little details your child will love to hear over and over. What did she eat? To what temperature did you have to heat her bottle? Did you play in the playroom? Did you eat at Lucy's?

You can also include those funny Visa/passport pictures in this section. You may want to include the actual Visa and passport, if this will be a book that will be kept safe. Or you can make a copy of those pages to put in a younger child's book.

This section can flow seamlessly into an "At Home" section, which we'll talk about next!

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