Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Iron and Zinc

I searched the Archives in vain for the same title, back in 2007, but couldn't find it. We've been down this road before. Recently Ted started having skin problems: split lips that wouldn't heal, eczema that hurt and bled, and recently, the return of blisters on his fingers. We suspected Strep again but the test came back negative. His doctor ordered a full bloodwork panel, mostly looking into iron and zinc deficiency. Iron makes sense - he is a vegetarian and extremely picky. It is doubtful that he is getting all the nutrition that he needs from his limited foods and Gummi Vitamins. A zinc deficiency apparently can cause appetite suppression, so maybe there is some hope for his appetite yet! We are eagerly looking forward to the results, but until then, back to our supplements we go!

A better multi, double fish oils, probiotics and a high protein powder are back in the meal plan, and while he isn't thrilled with the powder, he is tolerating it, so I think we are going to be OK. If the bloodwork comes back the way we think it will, we'll add iron and zinc supplements to his routine. This is the kid that learned to swallow pills at 5 years old - it was a good thing!

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