Friday, January 13, 2012

Results are In

  • The long-wait strep test was also negative. Darn.
  • Iron and Vitamin D are very low. Zinc test isn't back yet. We'll start on Iron and D drops tomorrow.
  •  Next step is to see a dermatologist. Paul wants to wait 2 weeks on the "new diet" to see if his skin improves on its own. 
  • I am noticing how tired he is at night - unusual. 
  • I am thrilled beyond belief that I can make him a smoothie out of strawberry kefir, a banana, an apple, a few frozen strawberries, a scoop of his protein powder and SPINACH leaves, and he will suck it down enthusiastically. Twice a day. 
  • This all began Wednesday January 13. What will January 27 look like? 

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