Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spring is coming!

I've been subbing at the kids' school all week and yesterday the first grade girls ran up to me, so excited. They had a ladybug! This first sign of spring, in spite of a snowstorm scheduled for this afternoon, has all of us excited for warmer weather.

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The online class I'm taking, Heather's Whole Food Kitchen, had a lovely guest post about winter gardening. This is something we can look into next summer, right as we're harvesting the glut of tomatoes! It has definitely gotten all of us excited for spring, though, and I think I'll pick up some seeds today and start our baby seedlings this weekend. With all this grey and cold, a little fresh green will be just the thing to see this winter out.

We had a great harvest of lettuce and tomatoes last year, though it was a short season since we started them outside, from seed, in May. This year, with two extra months of growth, we will hopefully have a longer harvest. Yum!

C'mon spring!

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