Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Assignment #3 - Pinterest Contest!

Compassion's assignment this week is a very fun one. I created a Pinterest Board about my sponsored child! Want to check it out? Click HERE.

For every repin, Peter gets an entry into the contest. The winners of the contest win money for their family! We plan to send Peter a monetary gift for Xmas and we're looking forward to seeing what his family will purchase. Goats? Chickens? Home stuff?

We've received two letters from Peter so far. They are transcribed because he has only just started school and can't write well enough yet. I can't WAIT for a letter in his own hand, and I'll bet he can't wait either. What a gift, to be able to read and write!

So, if you aren't a pinner, start pinning! And if you are, please repin the pictures from my board! Let the pinning begin!

I have only used Pinterest to gather recipes and fun stuff all in one place. I am looking forward to seeing how his contest goes. I love when social media can be put to good use!

Please visit and repin!

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